Problems with comments on Instagram

We have received many questions related to this topic, many blog followers assured us to have problems with the comments on their buy real instagram comments both when creating them and to delete or edit them.

A few weeks ago we talked about the importance of comments when managing your account and how they could help you keep your profile active. For this reason we believe it is important to investigate a little about this topic and try to clarify all doubts about the comments on Instagram.

Why can’t I delete comments on Instagram?

As you know, Instagram allows you to delete any comments made in one of your posts, in addition to your comments in your own or other users’ posts. However, it is very common to encounter an error message that indicates that this comment cannot be deleted.

Most likely, when Instagram shows you this message, the comment has already been removed from the system and is only visible in your application.

The explanation to this problem is that it seems that the cached data of the application is not automatically updated, so although the message no longer exists in the system, your application continues to show it.

From the official Instagram website they claim to be aware of the problem and are currently working to solve it. Until then all you can do is clear the application cache so that comment is updated.

Other common problems in Instagram comments

In addition to this problem when deleting comments, there are others when publishing and viewing them.

Problems adding a comment

Some users claim to have problems when trying to add a comment to a publication, below we explain what may be the reasons for those problems.

One of the most common problems is due to the use of an outdated version of the application. Remember that in order to post your Instagram version you have to have version 2.4 or higher installed on Apple devices, or 1.0.5 or higher on Android devices. If this is your case, all you have to do is update your application to start commenting.
Another common problem is related to mentions on Instagram . The application only allows to make up to 5 mentions in the same comment, so if you try to mention more than 5 users, the message may fail. The reason why Instagram allows only 5 mentions is to avoid spam in the comments.
Another fact to keep in mind is that the maximum number of hashtags is 30. If you exceed that number, your comment may fail.
Finally, you should be careful not to post duplicate comments, since Instagram can take it as spam and block the comment or even your account.

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